Sure Signs That Your Husband Doesn't Love You Anymore

Published: 07th September 2009
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For the majority of women, their wedding day was a moment in time that was full of joy and excitment. Standing in front of all their family and closes friends sharing their passion for one another is a happy moment that in today's times all too often ends as fast as it began.

Ask somebody who is married or has been and they will let you know it is not as painless as it looks. It requires a lot of work to keep the romance alive and further develop your love for one another. All too often couples all their daily stress from work, school, kids and money impact their marriage creating distance between you and your spouse. You may begin to see your husband wanting to spend less time with you leading you to believe he no longer loves you. There are cautionary signs that will tell you if he is fallen out of love with you.

One cautionary sign is spending extra time away from family. This may possibly be working later at work or taking up extra hobbies or sports so he can spend less time at home. Is he making-up excuses to avoid spending time with you? Majority of men find it challenging and uncomfortable to face the relationship has changed so they rather to just dodge it all together.

A second sign that may indicate your husband's love for you has faded is he no longer engages you in daily conversation. If you once upon a time had terrific conversations and you have noticed he no longer wants to talk that is a sign something may be wrong.

If he no longer shows affection for you or maybe you have noticed your intimate life has taken a turn for the worse this could be a clear sign your husband doesn't love you anymore. Here you want to use caution, as there may be possibly something in his life such as stress from work or financial issues that cause him to not be intimate with you. First give him space and a little time but if you notice he is like this with you all the time then that is a clear indication his feelings have changed.

Try this, think back to when you and your husband loved each other and times were wonderful. Now move forward to see if you can pin-point what change may have occurred. It could be something you can amend or work on yourself to commence mending your relationship and put the flicker back in it like once before.

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